Inbound Numbers

020 7954 3860

Our inbound and outbound service is second to none, we not only provide the inbound number for you we also offer you online access to a full range of services from call management to routing and online administration.  Our tools will empower you to drive your customer's experience to a level that will be the envy of your competitors.

Our solutions are packed with great features that will help you manage the way your customers interact with you, the key to our service is you are in control, you are not reliant on the network provider to make any changes for you.  You will also get access to our online portal this allows you to manage bills, manage callers in busy hours and put on diverts when the office is closed.  

Our service can be used anywhere from any device delivered to any number, there are no set up costs and services can be set up in minutes, our inbound and outbound number solution also support business continuity.

We have three services;

  • Inbound Contact Point - Aimed at sole traders or single site businesses that want to set up call routing plans to manage the call flow
  • Inbound Contact Path - Aimed at multi-site organisations that need calls routed by caller identity to the right person or hunt group
  • Inbound Contact Pro - Aimed at the contact centre or enterprise organisation the increased functionality is needed for businesses that place a high value on customer service and deal with a high volume of calls